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25th-Dec-2008 10:50 pm - I'm Posting ART???
Uhhhhhhh....yeah. I guess I am! One piece, anyway...it's all I've got, and only because it was almost done when I scanned it, anyway O_O

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14th-Dec-2008 01:47 pm - Tis the season?
Zechs and Noin

Anyway. I wanted to send Christmas cards to people of Econtra. The thing is, I don't have addresses for most people. The comments in this post are screened, so if anyone wants a card from this plushie...well comment and I will send them! Payday's Thursday so I'll be getting the cards and sending them out this weekend...so they might be a bit late to some people. X_X
11th-Dec-2008 09:07 pm - This... is just crazy
So I just did this finding your spirit animal thing I got and oh man, you have to see what I wrote to know what I'm talking about. It's just... crazy. You can find it here.
8th-Dec-2008 04:01 pm - Kat Demands Congradulations

So, yeah, I know technically that this has nothing to do with anything, but I wanted to brag to a large group of people at once because the phone calls are getting tedious: I GOT INTO COLLEGE! WHEE!!1! *does happy dance*

Also, appology in advance: I'm working that in to any and every conversation I have for the next three days or so. Now if you'll excuse me, I have black/gold t-shirts to buy, bumper stickers to put on my car, and a Demon Decon plushie to find.

*~*Today is Lelouch's birthday!*~*


You should all go pledge your unwavering allegiance to him. :}
1st-Dec-2008 01:59 pm - can you hear...?
So... I know this isn't REALLY what this comm's for... but I thought, where else can I advertise to a community full of roleplayers whose caliber I already know kicks ass? :D

Thus I hope you'll forgive me this little piece of spam.

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1st-Dec-2008 08:06 pm - Holiday Exchange?
I guess it's more appropriate to post this here than in the OOC comm. Anyway, I just wanted to know who of you guys would be interested in a holiday exchange? ♥

It's simple, really. I'm gonna put up a sign up post in which you commit to participate in the exchange, followed by a wishlist post where you can put up what you want to receive from your, well, 'Secret Santa' basically. We'll have to come up with some guidelines, but pretty much wishlist items range from fanart to fanfics to icons and other related goodies. Then I juggle things around, email you with the person you have to send a present to and what his/her wishes are (chosen via AIM dice) and viola! Fun holiday times.

What do you think? :D
hikari to yamii: Because 4th wall breaking happens IN games.
itsakazie: This is the moment for Econtra? >3
hikari to yamii: Yes. *grins*
hikari to yamii: Cloud and Maria take claim to it. <3
itsakazie: And it works, too, because the fourth wall has already been broken for her. In canon. XD

Fourth wall breakage forthcoming. You have been warned.Collapse )
27th-Nov-2008 02:45 pm - Giving Thanks
Zechs and Noin
Wow. Tis Thanksgiving already. Man the year has gone by fast.

Anyway, onto the point of this little spazzy post. I decided to put it here instead of the OOC comm cause I wasn't sure which one to post it in. But in all seriousness, I am thankful for this place.
25th-Nov-2008 08:15 pm - Ssil icons
trust me
Hey, Ssil-mun (sorry I don't know your name xD)

Remember about a year ago when you asked me to make icons for you and I had to say "Sorry, I can't find any images" :(

Well that just changed! :D

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Everyone else? Requests are open again for this year
closest person i could find
So while I was out and about on vacation last week, I was dragged to the most awesome bookstore in the entire world. I found a good few Alphonse Mucha art books while there and, for those of you that haven't figured it out yet, I practically worship the guy (Jamie Hewlett comes in second ♥), so I was greatly inspired on the train ride home.


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15th-Nov-2008 11:57 am - O hai
First, I changed my Journal. xxgundampilotxx was made to joke with my emo friend two years ago..

I bring this up because there's both a concrit post in this journal and also I'll be posting plot ideas there. So instead of making a huge deal about it in the OOC.. I'd rather just do it in my personal LJ. So please and thanks, friend me if you want, especially if you wanna get in on any of mah e-Vile Plans.
14th-Nov-2008 10:02 pm - Dragons~
Alright everyone, spam your dragon egg links if you want the whole hatching thing going on.
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6th-Nov-2008 09:01 pm(no subject)
Maybe I shouldv'e posted this a few days ago, but I wanted to show you guys this
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This is me, on Halloween^^ can you guess who I was?
3rd-Nov-2008 11:46 pm - CRY MOAR -- photoshop pretty
Moar Aligoté emo goodness?

Yeah, I finished another one of quatre_winner_1's sketches, so I wanted to post it.
31st-Oct-2008 07:27 pm - Jack O lanterns
I'd like to think think by now I've made a small rep' for random subject/medium artwork here in econtra.

Today is no exception.

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31st-Oct-2008 12:52 am(no subject)
Econtra pwns sleep [OOC]
YouTube lawls behind the cutCollapse )

Parts 3 and 4 of the anime dating game -- yuri round, at Bakuretsu Con 2008. Yours truly is the KH2 Aerith at the very end, in all my home made costume glory :D It doesn't show the end of the round, but I ended up being the one chosen by Rosette (from Chrono Crusade). For those of you who are familiar with Boston-area cosplayers, you might know the Rosette as Marzchan? Yeah...he cosplays girls a lot. lol But he's very pretty ♥ ^^ Have fun with lots of giggles watching!!
30th-Oct-2008 03:19 pm - Sonic Hedgehog Gene?

I'm looking up science articles for my biology lab course.

What do you guys think of that?
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