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I'm Posting ART???

Uhhhhhhh....yeah. I guess I am! One piece, anyway...it's all I've got, and only because it was almost done when I scanned it, anyway O_O

From a plot a looooong while ago- Tim Drake (Robin) was turned into a future self that had become evil Batman *cowers in a corner*. He tried his darndest to scare everyone away from being friends of the present Tim, thinking that it would be best for li'l Tim if he has no one to 'lose' later on. Quatre stands firm in being Tim's friend, and is beaten up by BatTim in the process. Here, he is wondering if that was the best decision for Tim in the end, and losing hope for them all (because we just LOVE emo XD). AU Wufei is comforting him as Heero looks on (he was also injured).

Confused yet? Thought so.
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