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Yeah, I'm harrassing you all with art again.

So while I was out and about on vacation last week, I was dragged to the most awesome bookstore in the entire world. I found a good few Alphonse Mucha art books while there and, for those of you that haven't figured it out yet, I practically worship the guy (Jamie Hewlett comes in second ♥), so I was greatly inspired on the train ride home.


They're nothing spectacular since they're all sketches, but meh. Chances are I won't colour any of them any time soon.

Persephone -- The only directly Econtra related one. Not all that fond of it, but eh.
Alekto + Megaira -- 2/3 of the Erinyes. I got lazy and didn't do Tisiphone, lol oops.
Demeter -- CRAP HAND IS CRAP. But the hair was fun.
Hades + Vorpal -- My girlfriend, ironically, plays Hades (and has a food processor named after him, which is win). He accidentally ended up looking like one of her other characters, though. And the other one on there is my OC Vorpal, but you can ignore her awesomeness, kthx.

I also figure that by this point, if I haven't at least drawn half the Greek pantheon by the end of the year, then I fail at life. Hard.
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