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Resurrection takes 10 days, now?

ZephyrButterfly: Speaking the word of God will do that. Jesus failed all of his AC checks :O

Sparkles4Yuki: and then he had to be dropped for good, and even the roman!mods couldn't save him?

ZephyrButterfly: I liked the time that the pharisees charged him with being too OOC :3 Come on, he's the Son of God. He's allowed to godmod, kthxbai!

Sparkles4Yuki: and dude, when that satan rp brought him to the desert and tried to steal him away from the holiness rp? w0rd.

Ankhutenshi: I think this needs to be posted.

Ankhutenshi: somewhere

aerosmithed kiss: it really does

ZephyrButterfly: XD

aerosmithed kiss: spazz?

Ankhutenshi: yus

Sparkles4Yuki: really the only place for it. XD;;;

Sparkles4Yuki: but, what about the whole "stop RP cliques and elitism" thing? the whole "play nice with all the RPers, not just the ones you like?

aerosmithed kiss: jesus tried to play nice and look where that landed him :x

aerosmithed kiss: romans didn't like playing nice

Sparkles4Yuki: jesus and RP!secrets would not be friends.

Ankhutenshi: lol

aerosmithed kiss: judas trolls rp!secrets

Sparkles4Yuki: romans were okay with playing nice, except for those pharisee people. elisits. *shakes head*

aerosmithed kiss: he makes secrets just to start teh wank

Sparkles4Yuki: giving away jesus' secrets just to play with the in-crowd

aerosmithed kiss: judas wants to be popular so badly

aerosmithed kiss: god didn't create the world

aerosmithed kiss: the indegio did

aerosmithed kiss: shhhhhh

aerosmithed kiss: big mod!plot secret

Sparkles4Yuki: indigeo said let there be econtra, and so it was, and it was good. and on the second day indigeo said let there be au and ou versions of everybody, and so it was, and it was good...

Sparkles4Yuki: but then the entropi attacked the people they held captive, and the warden said let my people go...

Sparkles4Yuki:: and then they came back as the roman empire many centuries later...

Sparkles4Yuki: if i keep going, i'll start finding biblical figures to match with random characters

Ankhutenshi: T_T

aerosmithed kiss: *holds back from encouraging this*
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